G400D com ports

I am trying to get a G400D working in a custom board that used the ChipworkX and I can’t get one of the COM ports to work.

On the datasheet for the G400D COM4 is on pins 200 and 167

In code I could not get COM4 to work and ended up using COM3 to get those pins to work.

The document is wrong in this case.

@ Dave McLaughlin - We were unable to reproduce the issue. What framework version are you using?

Also, COM port numbers are different between chipworkx and g400. Maybe this where the confusion started.

Sorry for the delay. Was out of town.

My original posting may have sounded a little strange as I was referring to both COM3 and COM4 as if this was in reference to the hardware but is actually a mix. Let me try again.

@ James
I am running this with 4.3 now. The custom board is wired for what would physically be COM4 (pins 200 and 167) but in the code I have had to use “COM3” as the string passed to the serial port when I create it so I can communicate with the device. If I use the string “COM4” in the code, there is no communications.

@ Gus
I already changed all the pin numbers and COM PORT names to suit the G400D. It was only COM4 that didn’t work until I change the code to use COM3.

@ Dave McLaughlin - What version of the G400D do you have?

I am using a V1.3 board.