G400 usb3.0

dear sir,madam

at least i had 2 incidents on handling usb storage media. :-[ :-[

there have been 2 cases:

  1. after multiple write during sqlite database operations the file-system has been damaged. Sometimes the device will be restarted
    by the end-user. in error-case the database can be only read, any write request leads to an i/o exception.
  2. I use sqlite database and additionaly I handle temporary storage of files up to 1meg.
    the problems are as follows:
    1. I assume if there is a database write operation and a file write operation at the same time the framework crashes internally without restart
      and the fault that file system including all files and folders got lost!
    2. write operation of large file onto usb storage device work with success (programatically). also loading existing files on storage media
      and any checks are successfull.
      any file-system check on a following restart failed. in spite of file.flush the data have not been really written.

usage: sandisk ultra fit usb 3.0
runtime/framework 4.3: netmicroframework latest ghi firmware everywhere

any hints would be fine.