G400 TinyBooter Update Procedure

There were a few important points not documented in the “Beta TinyBooter Update Procedure” on this page…


I recommend replacing those instructions with this…

[quote]The following steps are necessary to update the G400 Beta TinyBooter:

Copy the newest TinyBooter into the G400 Beta Programmer folder.
Put the G400 into bootloader mode by grounding PA11 and powering up the mainboard (do not hold pin PA11 to ground no longer than 3 seconds or damage may result to the mainboard). You will see the bootloader titled “GPS Camera Detect (COMx)” in “Devices and Printers” or “Device Manager”. From there, you will need to locate the COM port number.
Right-click on the CommandPrompt.bat file and choose “Run as Administrator” to load the command prompt or manually run the command prompt from the Run menu. If it does not open to the “G400 Beta Programmer” folder you will need navigate to it using the “CD” command.
At the command prompt, type ProgramG400 COMx (x being the COM port that the bootloader selected; NOTE - COM needs to be typed in all caps) and press enter.
Wait till the process is complete. A log file will appear when the process is complete.
Reset the board and you are ready for the Firmware Update Procedure.[/ul][/quote]

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I would add: “This can take awhile” to calm nervous people who think it died.

I would change the “no” to “any”

@ ianlee74 -

Copy the newest TinyBooter into the G400 Beta Programmer folder.

AND I thought there was some confusion on what ZIP contained the latest…

My opinion only.
Much more thought should be put into file Names, Folders, Zips… Etc.

The main things I were pointing out were that you must run CommandPrompt as an administrator and that PA11 must be grounded during startup/reset but as you guys are pointing out there is certainly more room for improvement.

Let me be the first to say that I miss the Wiki and the days of when we could fix these things ourselves.

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I have one G400 Beta Test Kits and I am having difficulty running the TinyBooter Update Procedure. I connect the board directly to my Windows XP computer USB port and I see
"Debuggable .Net Micro Framework Device -> GHT .NET Micro Framework USB Debugging Interface show up in Device Manager.

If I ground PA11 when I power-up board ( only holding ground for ~1.5 seconds) I do not see any change in that I still see the GHI .NET Micro Framework USB Debuuging Interface show up and nothing else new in Device Manager.

If I run FEZ Config v1.3 G400_G400 shows up. I then connect to it okay.
I can see device capabilities under Advanced . Most items shows as Version :

If I push the Devioce Version button it takes about 30 seconds and reports the following:

Loader (TinyBooter) Version:
Firmware (TinyCLR) Version:

and then pops up a window reporting " No response from device" with an OK button.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong or things I should try?


folks, so where can I find ProgramG400, in what ZIP file out there, do we have a link somewhere?