G400 TH Module still available?

Hi GHI friends,

I wished to order 10 sets G400 TH module on GHI web portal.
The GHI web site remarked “4 in stock, backorder not available” in my shopping cart.
is GHI going to close the production line of G400 TH module?
I am worry about the long term availability of G400 series. Should we change our applications to any other products?
I wish your clarification before paying off my shopping cart.

G400 is in full production but a direct contact with sales is the best way.

… and check distributor’s stock of you like.

Thank you, Gus. Glad to learn G400 is still in production.
However, I had already dropped a message in in the “Contact Us” web page of your portal in the last week. I cannot receive any response so far and then posted this forum message.