G400 TH module pinout

we create design with G400 TH module and I cannot find pinout or board/pin layout/dimensions for PCB developing.
It is possible to download it ? In “resources” is only schematics sheet.


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Usually the place to look is here:


But I don’t see it there. I am sure GHI will add it.

If you are doing a custom PCB to use with the G400, you would benefit from going with the module and using the SIMM socket as this would be smaller and lower height?

Is there a particular reason to use the TH board here? I consider that module just for development and testing and use the G400 with the SIMM socket on a custom board. You get better access to the likes of Ethernet (to allow for differential tracks etc) and all other IO this way and not limited to the layout used for the TH module.

I’ve used the G400 in a couple of designs now and it makes for a very nice design with lost of power. :slight_smile:

It is in the new datasheets coming shortly, possibly today.

@ Dave McLaughlin -

Thanks for answers.
But - my college designes PCB and prefer TH version for early prototyping.
When we finished tests, final version of PCB will by with SO-SIMM module :slight_smile:
Therefore, I am looking for TH module layout.


I just realized you are talking about the TH boards. The pinout for these is printed right on the PCB to make things easy to prototype. As for size, the pins are 0.1 inch spaced and the space between the two rows is on a 0.1 inch increment so it is easy to plug into a breadboard. If you have one, t is easy to measure or we can grab one and measure fro you.