G400-S Information

I’m looking to use the G400-S SoM on my next project. Is anyone aware of a ETA on more detailed documentation and the production date for this module? I’m primarily looking for the product design guide or brochure that lists the pin designations. Looking at the info that is available, the pin count on the “-S” module is 80 pins less than the “-D” and so I’m unable to simply use the “-D” documents that are posted. I’m also looking for the SMD footprint of the module so I can start getting a prototype board built.

Thanks, any info would be great.

  • Brian

We are finishing a reference design for it and pinout will be available in about 2 weeks.

Thank you for your interest and welcome to the community.

This may help with your footprint…:slight_smile:

Actually that won’t help Jason. It does not have the pads in the drawing.

Thanks guys for the help. I’m thinking I’ll get a board built, based on the G400-D to test the functionality and get the project started. Once the G400-S is ready to go, along with its documentation, I’ll port the board and code over.

Thanks again,

  • Brian

@ Player6h4 - If you “Watch” this (link @ bottom page), I’ll post to it when the Docs are in-place.

on product catalog page: http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/480 “resources” tab find a link do "Dimensions (with side pads). Hopefully this is what you’re looking for.

Thank you Jeff. That gets me 50% of the way there. I can now build the prototype board with the correct footprint but I’m also in need of the pinout for the S version. The current G400 brochure lists the 200 pins for the D version but seeing how the S version has only 120 pins I can’t quite design for the module yet.

Thanks again and I’m really looking forward to giving this module a go.

@ Player6h4

The brochure for the G400-S is on its way. It will be out soon.