G400-S Eagle Library

This is probably going to be a very big ask but I was wondering if anyone has an eagle library for the G400-S and would be willing to share the library. I’m working on a prototype PCB when I have time and I was hoping to use the G400-s as the main MCP.


It is already available in the fez raptor design.

Hi Gus,
does the fez raptor come with additional design resources or are you suggesting i use the fez raptor and build a module?


No, I believe he is suggesting that the foot-print is available in the schematic for the FEZ Raptor.

I don’t think the Eagle files are available for the Raptor?

Ok, but the schematic i believe is a pdf or is there also an eagle schematic?

Gadgeteer codeplex used to have Hardware folder with eagle files, but it is missing now.

Not exactly sure what you’re looking for (I’m mostly a software guy)… EAGLE files:

FEZ Raptor: http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/model/FEZ_Raptor_Mainboard_3DM.zip

G400-S: http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/model/G400_S_3DM.zip

Thanks for info everyone, just checked with support regarding an eagle library for the G400 s but its not available. Guess i will either have to use the fez raptor or have a go at producing an eagle library for the G400 s.


@ Jeff - those are the 3D models not eagle files.

@ ScubaBoy - The library file is not available from GHI, however, you can copy the schematic symbol from the Raptor schematic and a copy of the symbol w/ accompanying PCB footprint will be available for you to use without a separate library in your own design.

@ Aron - Am I missing something? I do not see the Raptor eagle files in the Resources tab?

@ Aron - I could only find a PDF version of the schematic is the eagle schematic on another page?

Learning to make libraries is a good thing anyway. Better to trust your own work than have a PCB made that’s got wrong footprints etc. Been there, done that :slight_smile:

I use Altium Designer and creating the library part for for the G400S and G400D only took an hour or 2. Included checking and double checking etc. I am not familiar with Eagle but shouldn’t be too difficult and you’ll learn a necessary requirement at the same time anyway.

What out for the fact that the G400S has board cutout requirements.

@ Mike - You are quite right Mike… :-[ I was not aware of the status of the files. We are currently preparing them as we speak to upload.

@ ScubaBoy - Please check in a few minutes as we are uploading them now.


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