G400 PIN definitions

I can’t seem to get the G400 to read PB6 as an input. This is connected to the touch screen IRQ output.

I can see input toggle as I touch but the code just does not read any state change.

static InputPort IRQinput = new InputPort(GHI.Hardware.G400.Pin.PB6, false, Port.ResistorMode.PullUp);

Is the pinouts correct as per the brochure?

We will run a test on this pin. What are you using to plug in the G400-D, ChipworkX Dev board, G400HDR, or a custom board?

Also, what do you mean by is it correct as per the brochure?

Hi Aron,

It’s a custom board that was originally using the ChipworkX and I am looking at porting over to the G400 for obvious reasons.

What I mean, is the reference to PB6 correct in the brochure or was it mapped to something else?

I’ll do a test tomorrow to see if PB6 works in the development board but I don’t see any reason it should not work in the custom board as I can see it toggling on the scope.

Do you mean the G400 DIMM Pin to CPU PB6? On what DIMM pin do you have showing as PB6 with your brochure?

Pin 149 of the DIMM is what I am connected to.

Pin 149 of the DIMM on the G400D is CPU Pin PD5. check the translation document http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/man/ChipworkX_vs_G400.pdf

Thanks Andy,

It’s strange though, as I clicked on the brochure from last night on the webpage and I am positive it was PB6. That is what I was working from when testing the software.

I also just checked and it would appear that the brochure I have on disk from the 18th May was wrong. I noticed tonight that the one on the website is correct.

Thanks for pointing it out in the comparison document. I’ll try it out tomorrow.

If the G400 works then I only have PPP to sort and basically my system is ported. I like .NETMF :slight_smile: