Why is pin PD3 unavailable with the G400?

I see that it is connected to the LED on the dev board. How can I get this back for my own use in my application?

I found a function called SetDebugLed() that I can use to enable the LCD backlight.

Are you using the custom Gadgeteer implementation of G400HDR? If so, the mainboard driver for all Gadgeteer boards reserve a pin for the Debug LED which, in the case of the G400HDR, is PD3. If you only need to turn on pin PD3 from a Gadgeteer program then yes, the function SetDebugLed() is what you can use to set it high or low. Otherwise, the pin is a standard GPIO in a console program and only need to set the pin the normal way of using OutputPort.

Thanks Aron.

I just discovered this when I started to look at porting my ChipwokX glide application. It does not use Gadgeteer so I figured exactly what you said his evening. :slight_smile: