G400 nrst ntrst

May we have some explanation about what are NRST and NTRST pins for the G400?

@ andre.m many thanks for these inputs. This helps me to design our new board :slight_smile:

After rereading it again, as I don’t use the JTAG to program the board it seems I don’t need to route NTRST. Am I wrong?

You are not wrong. NTRST is not needed to be connected to anything and can be left floating unless you intend to use JTAG.

To see an example, the FEZ Raptor (G400-S) has a reference schematic that shows that pin floating as it is connected to the Z socket. Another example is the G400HDR (G400-D), which also has NTRST connected to the Z socket and also to the header and is left floating.

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