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G400 .Net Micro documentation


I need to update all the .Net Micro firmware on a G400 Raptor but can’t find the documentation. For example

Can’t be found. Can someone point me at the right place?



replace WWW with OLD



OK, adding in the old works great. First time ever that being old helped. Now I’m looking for the GHI Bootoader ver 2.0 to download. Another nudge in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.


#5 is the zip mentioned in the page. has lots of current bootloader info. The G400 is a SAM-BA bootloader so might be relevant to you and has the download of current ones.


You really shouldn’t use the old website. If something is missing then please point it out and we will happily update the new docs.


Thanks for the pointers. I haven’t moved to TinyCLR yet so I wasn’t looking in any of those folders. My bad.