G400 long term availibility

Dear engineers and sales staff

We are thinking on long term availibility of G400 processor and header board in our hardware concept.
Has anybody knowledge about life-cycle information and long term availability?
We have to know about changes in pinout and header-board connector.

Kind regards

@ hweinfurterAAEj4i5 - G400 is on full production today but I suggest you have a direct chat with GHI to go over your specific needs.

Oh that’s interesting. What has happened to the usual “it will be supported for years to come”?

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@ Simon from Vilnius - We would love to work with everyone directly as a partner. Maybe we can help you plan better, plus this is good for our future planning as well.

I hope it will be available for years, we invest a lot in adopting G400 for our leading edge product and we hope to be able to provide it for the next 5 years.

We like to change things up and give you something to talk about.

Worst case scenario, they’ll do custom runs for you as long as the components exist, I imagine. It may not be cheap for small runs, but it can def be done.

Hi guys, we have a product based on G400-S. Today, I tried to buy 10(ten) G400-s from your website but it was not possible, there it said you have just only one in stock, and nothing about lead time for more production.
Please, let me know when you will have more available in stock.

and you can be pretty sure that the situation is only seasonal stock - it’s snowy season in GHI Land and it’s likely Gary hasn’t had enough little lunches.

@ cagostino - this is a standard item with usually hundreds in stock. We should have more very soon. Please direct contact of you need an exact date.

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Thank you Gus, I will do it.