G400 is getting FCC and CE logos

We have just heard from the lab that G400-D module has passed all testing for CE and FCC.

As a side note: Earlier version was 8 layer and it did not pass. We did not ship any of the earlier version. On this new version, same one shipped with beta kit, adds 2 more layers to help in shielding the electronics, which helped with noise levels. Keep in mind this is a 400Mhz processor so it needs care in routing and tuning signals.

So every time you look at G400-D module, remember, this is a 10 layer of excitement.

Thanks for those who ordered the beta kit and there is still few more in stock if others are interested.

The logos are already posted on the product page http://ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/400




I can’t imagine how you do this… Is there software that helps with all the calculations involved? I’d love to see the Gusbot in action when trying to solve this kind of problem.

And, so…um, what happened with the unshipped 8 layer boards? You know, just wondering.

Made a keychain :slight_smile:

The likes of Altium Designer has tools for doing this but you still have to know the values to get it started. It automatically does all the those little squiggles you see on modern motherboards.

I’d be keen to know which PCB designer GHI uses for this as the OSHW stuff seems to be Eagle based. I’d be impressed if they are doing the G400 with Eagle? :slight_smile: