G400 interrupt capable pins


We are starting a new project using a FEZ Raptor board, but can’t find on wiki anything about which pins can be used as Interrupt ports (using plain vanilla .NETMF, not Gadgeteer stuff).

Where could we find such information?


Couldn’t find it either quickly.
But pin 3 of X and Y sockets are interrupt pins.
So check out which pins on G400 are these.
On G120 all P0.x and P2.x (I think) are interrupt pins. I guess there is a similar systematic for G400.
You could also try to create an InterruptPort for all pins. I think you gen an exception if the pin does not support it (At least I hope so)

According to the Atmel SAM9X35 datasheet, all PAx, PBx, PCx, and PDx pins are interrupt capable. But I don’t know if a higher layer in NETMF enables or disables this functionality.

@ Innovactive - All of the GPIO pins are interrupt capable.

@ Aron Thanks.


here I see that for socket Y only pin 3 is interrupt capable.

But if Raptor’s CPU have all GPIO pins interrupt capable does this means that I will have all GPIO pins on socket Y are interrupt capable?


Socket Y [em]requires [/em]pin 3 to be interrupt-capable. Other pins may or may not be such. Nowadays, every GPIO pin is interrupt capable on pretty much any MCU.

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