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G400 Family Update


Just like you, we are very excited about the possibilities of this new product family! Today, we are releasing a new beta firmware upgrade that includes a complete set of features. This firmware is supported on G400-S and G400-D System on Modules (SoM). Please see the G400 Developers Guide for the release notes and known issues.

ChipworkX, the most powerful NETMF SoM prior to G400, is now discontinued and being replaced by G400-D. The latter is mostly backward compatible. The documentation includes a table that lists the functions and pin mapping between the two modules. We highly recommend that you upgrade your designs ASAP as ChipworkX is now a non-stock special-order only product, at a minimum of 100 units.

We are not stopping this family at just SoM options. We are also creating a .NET Gadgeteer mainboard that hosts the G400-S SoM. This will offer a quick path for evaluating the G400 family and brings a very powerful option to our plug-and-play offers. This mainboard is in the design stage with expected samples in about three weeks. The attached image shows the design in progress. This will be called FEZ Ninja, unless you can recommend a cooler name. I pick FEZ Raptor! Add your name here and get a free one

System on Modules:
.NET Gadgeteer:
G400 Beta Tester Kit:
G400 Developers Guide:
G400-S SoM:
G400-D SoM:


Added CAN!!! Sweet!


@ Gary - The name should be something that invokes speed, not something that lurks in the shadows. Sounds like an opportunity for another contest.


Night Fury :smiley:


@ Gary

Today, we are releasing a new beta firmware upgrade that includes a complete set of features.

Do you mean a “a set of newly completed features” instead of “complete set of features”. Still many premium features are not done.

Might be worth adding to the developers guide a note that the internal Ethernet will not/never work with the beta G400 SOMs.


@ Simon from Vilnius -

Know issue:
CAN only work with non-extended IDs.
CAN filters do not work.
CAN RTR is not implemented.


That is not true. Internal Ethernet. Will not work only on the beta board. These boards are clearly marked with “not for production” but anything comes after work fine.


We were just going for something cool! As the post says, if you have any ideas let us know :slight_smile:


I think that what Mike meant by “with the beta G400 SOMs.”


I “mean” whatever Gus tells me to “mean” but this time I mean it’s a set of newly completed features. :wink:


@ Architect - the description was updated on the beta kit.


Added a note to original post, add your name here and get a free one


I thought that’s what is said :slight_smile:


@ Mike - it is Friday, sorry :slight_smile:


Was there a set of release notes for the newest beta firmware? Just installed on my G400D, no worries.


Please update the product comparison page in the catalog. :slight_smile:


It is on the Developer’s guide.


oh yeah… I was using that page to get the download page anyhow, just didn’t look further :slight_smile: Too early in the morning


@ Dat - Really need the extended ID’s and Filters. Any comment on their progress?


@ Diesel Engineer -

Yes, improvement CAN is in our list!