G400 error on deployment

I have a two part solution that loads. It worked correctly for one deployment.
then i changed a few lines of code: really nothing added some sleep timers to pause code so i could see whats going on and a if statement changed to a while statement that adds space char onto end of strings.

Problem I get is this. I click deploy, then it counts to iteration counting up to 59 I think. This happens twice.

So I erase application did the same thing,

erased / reloaded loader via batch file in loader folder.
then reloaded firmware using fez config.
then deployed, first deployment succeeds second deployment fails

what code issues should I look for?

you can often just hit reset on your mainboard while it’s in the “iteration” phase and the debugger will connect (as long as your app doesn’t start and get to the blocking code too quickly). Or you can explicitly build in a sleep of a second or two to let the debugger attach and start the deployment.

@ mPatterson557 -

"few lines of code’ you just added. :smiley:

Anyway, if only re-flash the firmware, just hold LDR1, hit reset then release them, then point to firmware files, re-flash it. It can save your time instead of re-flash everything.

Sorry for late reply but tracked issue to a bad USB hub… who knew.
Must be a manufacture thing since second modal of same hub failed.
When back to a different modal/Manufacture hub and deployment went smooth as silk.

I got that intermittently, but knew almost immediately its USB related, just unplugged USB, removed power, and started again. If its not blocking code related I think its windows related.