G400 Debug Issues


I have been testing some code on the G400 and so far its been working great. However, once in a while I try to debug and get the following error messages. I am not sure what they mean. Am attaching a screenshot of the errors.

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If everything was working and the error pops up and you haven’t changed anything except your code you might try the following. Go to the Project menu then select yourproject Properties. Click on .NET Micro Framework and then select Emulator from the Transport drop down. Rebuild your project. Switch the Transport drop down back to whatever you were using and rebuild again. It seems like a weird thing to do but it does seem to fix weird little problems that crop up occasionally.

the other thing I can think of is the error says z:, so I’m assuming that’s a network share - is it possible that there’s a brief inability to access that, that isn’t handled well by VS?

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