G400-D with ChipworkX Dev board

Does the G400-D work with the ChipworkX dev board, the one with the build it 4.3" screen?
I assume the Ethernet might not work since it was based on the internal Ethernet hardware of the ChipworkX. Is that the case? Do the display, touch screen and buttons still work?

Ethernet will work. Display will work. But touch will not work.

Touch won’t work out of the box but it should be possible if the SPI is free and you write a driver for this and inject the touch into the likes of Glide or Clix2.

The touch is done through and ADS7846 touch driver that communicates via SPI on the ChipworX board. There are loads of drivers in the net for this written in C that can be ported to work with C#. It’s not a complicated device to use so should be easy if you are an experienced programmer and understand the SPI protocol.