G400-D update and sale while supplies last

This is a quick forum update, more official news come soon.

G400-D beta testing has been going great, thanks to everyone participated in the beta program. Everything is working well with the exception of the built in Ethernet. We have found the issue and it will be fixed on the production release. For current boards, you can still use ENC28 and WiFi. We are also excited as G400 has passed FCC/CE testing.

We still like to invite more of you to participate in the beta testing program so we have lowered the kit to only $77.77 to help you get started with G400-D. This is almost half off and there is only very few left in stock.

We will release a firmware update in about a week that will include almost everything working. So grab your kit today before they are all gone.

G400-D beta kit: https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/436

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When you say “current boards” do you mean there is a problem with Ethernet in the G400 module or the HDR breakout board?

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@ Mike

It is the G400 DIMM module.

@ Gus - Only for US or even in France can be shipped ?

Great to see the progress report, looking forward trying the next release.
I can due with out Ethernet for now, RTC, and file system support are the biggest issues for my project.

@ Gus - I got one!
I didn’t understand exactly if the issue with Ethernet is hardware or software… This is not an issue for me but I would like to know.

Ps: ops from Aron response I imagine it is hw problem

@ PHITEK - rtc and file system work fine.

@ Gus - Thanks, I am currently keeping both my PC and MF builds current. I hope to test my PC-104 software bus later today with the latest G400-HDR pin outs. The team here would love to switch back to the G400-D.

Have my second G400-D just running my checkout program for the last several days, that looks great.

Is the G400 drop in pin compatible with the ChipworX?

I would like to have a try to run the G400 in my custom board once you have released the software. I am waiting for hardware I2C to test it out. :slight_smile:

Yes compatible