G400-D & J11D does it work

@ GHI is J11D network interface supported on a G400HDR breakout with G400-D module?

I haven’t tried myself, but I think you can wire J11D to work. PHY chip on G400D has everithing except impedance transformer/filter and rj45.
Take a look at FEZ Spider board to have an idea.

EDIT: I think that G400D V1.2 board has some issue with builtin ethernet. You need V1.3.

@ dobova - thanks, a good tip about V1.3…
I have spider running with J11D :wink: A look at the schematic of the G400HDR learned me that ethernet RX/TX is not at a gadgeteer connector but only at the solder pads… so not a big deal.

@ GHI Could anyone confirm if this should work or not?

Yes it should work

Thanks for the reply!

The PHY on G400D is same as the one on EMX, so it should be identical as far as the magnet requirements… just as an extra piece on info.