G400-d cp7


I’ve done some searches and wrote some code to get my CP7 working with a G400HDR + G400-D. In most Examples I found display_CP7 without any references to it.
When I’m trying to create a new instance of Display_CP7 then it tells me that the port numbers are incorrect. Am I missing some thing or is it hard to find an example of getting a CP7 working with a G400-D?

Thanks in advance for pointing me into the right direction

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Please show us the code you are using… Are you using a Gadgeteer example?

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

Just to be sure that I have connection with the G400 using the USB client DP module and a blue light starts to blink:

OutputPort led = new OutputPort(Pin.PD3, false);
while (true)

Than I foud a few examples on the net but those were all for the FEZ (I just found out that the G400HDR isn’t a part of that). I tried the following:

var display = new Display_CP7(1, 2, 3, 8);
display.SimpleGraphics.DisplayText("Hellow?", Resources.GetFont(Resources.FontResources.small), GT.Color.Black, 100, 100);

I get the error:

[quote]An unhandled exception of type ‘Gadgeteer.Socket.InvalidSocketException’ occurred in Gadgeteer.dll

Additional information: Module Display_CP7 socket rgbSocket1 cannot be used with invalid socket number 1[/quote]
Seems legit because I was guessing that port 1 is the port on the breakout. What will be the right way to initiate the display on the G400?

I was not aware of the project https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/codeshare/entry/739 and I got the display and my RFID reader working.

Guess I need to dive deeper into this :slight_smile: