G400-D Beta & Chipworkx to control LED1 (PC5)

I have a G400-D installed in a Chipworkx development board.
I am using VS2010 with .NET MF 4.2 SDK

Initially I had read that G400-D should be compatible with Chipworkx but I am having trouble turning on the LED1 which was connected to CPU pin PC5. Looking at the G400HDR I don’t see a PC5 connection.

Is there a schematic or table that would have the new pin assignments?
Also how to define the new CPU pins in C# would be helpful.

PD0 should be the pin you will need. We will post a ChipworkX to G400 compatibility chart as soon as possible.

I check the GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware.Chipworkx for CPU pin definition of PD0 but that was not defined there.

Looked at the specs for SAM9X35 which lists Ball P13 this does not seem help.

I think I will have to wait for the chart, as I have a software 8 bit bus defined, and will need most of the free I/Os.

Thanks for you quick response though.

I suspect that PD0 is the G400 pin definition not the ChipworkX pin.
(thanks Gus, edited to fix G400 blunder)

G400 you mean :slight_smile:

A clarification here: G400 and ChipworkX are compatible but that does not mean the digital pins are in the same place.

For example, PC5 on CWX is PD0 on G400. A look up table will be provided to help in mapping pins but you can now use the G400 pinout against CWX pinout for now.

If G400 DLL with pin enum i snot provided yet then you can simply use this

Cpu.Pin PD5 = (Cpu.Pin) (3*32+5);

port D is the third, starting at zero(A B C D). So 3 * 32 then add the pin which is 5.

Thanks, Gus, Aron:

For completeness the IO pin I needed was PD0 so (3*32+0) or (CPU.Pin)96 worked.

I am still searching for the G400 pin out, assume it will be the DIMM pin out that I should compare.


Seen that brochure but never thought to scroll all the way down.

Again thank you Gus.

Preliminary schematic: