G400-D and T35 Configuration

This is for information only…

I tried the new FEZ Config LCD Configuration and it worked.

I am trying to use my T35 LCD and I needed to change the settings. The 400-G is factory configured for a T43, I believe.

See the attached image for the values needed.
(I actually used new FEZ Config LCD Configuration tool to obtain these values from my T35)

You can also use the GHI.Premium.Hardware Configuration LCD sample.


Now all I need is information on how to use/reference the 10 sockets on the G400HDR.


@ willgeorge - What perfect timing! I just started to configure my G400-D and when I was finished I was wondering what I was going to do to get the LCD setup for my T35 and I saw your post.

Thank you very much for sharing, it worked perfectly.

@ willgeorge - Thanks indeed!

On that note, for the CP7:

It looks bad while it boots, but seems to load a Hello World MFWindowApplication just fine.