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G400-D and G400HDR SD Card. (I have two "NOT FOR PRODUCTION" modules)


I updated my G400 to the just released firmware.

I am assuming that the SD Card Module should work. Should it?

I have tried several different ways but I keep getting IO Exceptions or/and when I try to write a bitmap I get a warning that my SD Card is not formatted. It is formatted FAT 32 (several times and I can read/write to it using my Spider with the same SD module.

AT this point I’m only asking if the SD Card should work and if there are different ways to read/write than that used for Gadgeteer mainboards?

Thanks for any info you can provide…

Only a question at this point…


As shown in release notes of the beta firmware released last week, SD support was added but it is still being improved. It still should work. Did you try a different card?


@ Gus -

Did you try a different card?

Yes, I have several.

They work with Spider but not with the G400…

I’ll continue on trying…

Thanks for the reply…