G400. CAN. No bus off's

I wonder what will happen sooner: I fly to the moon or CAN on G400 starts working.

Anyway, it seems G400 does not report Bus Off error anymore. When I subscribe to ErrorReceivedEvent event, RxOver’s are still popping, but no Bus Off’s. Dat, could you please check it? The same exact code spits plenty of Bus Off’s on EMX.

No Bus Off’s -> I can’t reset CAN controller when it hangs -> G400 works like shit -> NETMF is banned in my company -> I suffer mentally and financially and become a freelancer -> GHI can hire me to fix their sh… Emmm, G400.

G400-D with SDK 2014 R1.

I confirm that Bus Off are fired for EMX. I don’t have G400 and can not reproduce.

Simon if you’re right, this shows that there’s a lack of unit test process at GHI. These situation should not happened!

Oh. That is not good.

I am just doing a project where I need a kind of hub between some devices that talk over CAN and Ethernet. The hub should also buffer on a SD card.

The G120 seems to be to slow for my project - especially the SD write. So I thought a G400 might be my friend.

So far I am stuck with getting Ethernet and SD card running. I did not find time to test CAN, yet.

But of what I read it seems G400 is not yet ready for productive use. What do you think?

It depends of what kind of reliability your project requires. If you can just restart your device anytime, then you are probably ok. I can’t, and that puts me in desperate situation. GHI’s CAN implementation has serious design flaws (on all devices), and G400 is additionally plagued by nasty bugs.

Well. It should run unattended for a couple of months :wink:

So you think I should not rely on it? Better change now than when its too late.

But that would be unfortunate. I am still very impressed by the comfort you have with the NetMf on a Microcontroller.

Let’s Dat be waking up! I think we will have news about this very soon!

Simon, there’s also a passive mode error event. I have not handling it in my code. Do you know what this error means?

GHI said something about new and better CAN implementation sometime this year. I don’t know when it debuts, but every new implementation introduced new bugs, so I do not expect industry-grade reliability on G400 CAN anytime soon :frowning:

Not yet, but I’m already reading SAM9x35 manual :slight_smile:

Let’s hope this all gets fixed in the near future… CAN is the main artery in our applications and i was looking to replace the G120 by the G400.

@ Simon from Vilnius - I do not think anything changed on CAN so I am not sure why but we will double check.

The new planned update for CAN in 4.3 is to make the interface more generic between all devices but current drivers should work just fine.

Either way, don’t worry we will take care of this.

So how do you force bus off condition?!

Connecting/disconnecting cables. Shorting CANH with CANL pins also generates loads of BusOff’s on every device.

@ Simon from Vilnius - [quote]G400 does not report Bus Off error anymore[/quote] Can you tell us [em]when[/em] you think the change in behavior occurred (SDK version worked, SDK version exhibiting symptom)? Thanks.

@ Simon from Vilnius -
@ Peter B

We will try to send you a test - fixed version for your issues
About SD speed, I posted the result on: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=14866

@ Dat

Thanks for that. I appreciate you help a lot.

It will probably not be before next week that I find time to experiment with CAN.

Now that I think of it… I haven’t seen bus off in a great while. I believe it was already gone in NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2013 R3.

Sweet, can’t wait for it…

But you are talking about CAN problems on G400 that are OK on G120?

I have a G400-D+HDR and a raptor but did not do anything with these yet but if you want some testing in a CAN environment then I’m happy to spend some time on it.

@ All,

We haven’t changed G400 CAN for the last few releases.
We are putting major effort on cleaning-up CAN on all supporting products
If you have immediate commercial need, please contact me directly “jeff knaggs” with a period in the space and I’m at the usual ghi… com

thanks !!

@ Simon from Vilnius -

How did you get G400 hans with CAN?

Shorting 2 CAN pins does not cause G400 hangs, as I see here.

Yes, unfortunately that doesn’t happen often. Actually, it happens very rarely, so I only assume it is related to Bus off condition. But I do not have any statistically reliable data here, I only know my system goes crazy once in a week :frowning: