G400 Beta and Layers

@ GHI - I know this is down the line stuff but I had a couple of quick questions about the 400.

First for beta there’s mention of how to get new beta firmware installed, etc. Will you be announcing beta updates on the forum or some other way?

The real future question is about the multilayer LCD goodness. How will we be addressing this awesome feature in NETMF? Do you know what kind of savings we’ll see on CPU cycles rendering on this module?

With all of the horsepower here what are the odds of you guys beefing up the port of NETMF to better handle transparencies and alpha-blending?

NETMF will always draw on one layer. The other layers can be used by you, for rendering video for example.

We are waiting on one last thing from software, a tough bug, and then we will see regular updates on the firmware. We will post on forum, under beta, and on the G400 developer’s guide.

Thanks for the quick update Gus! :slight_smile: