G30HDR pinout questions

I recently ordered some G30HDR modules and am trying to figure out the pinout. Here are some questions I have:

[ol]Regarding the markings on the board. On the left side (as you are reading the pin labels), near the middle of the board, “PB3” is listed for two consecutive pins
Looking at the drawing in Section 8 - “The G30HDR Board” in the G30 SoC User Manual, it looks like the topmost one is PB3 and the pin below it that is also marked as PB3 is PB0. Is that correct?
If #2 is correct, I wonder if the pin on the right side that is marked as PB0 is really PB0 or something else?[/ol]
Any clarification would help a lot. Thanks!

according to the schematic, the order around this area is


So the one labelled “PB3” next to PB4 is incorrect and should be PB9.

Good find.

@ Brett and DarrenUtd - The board is actually correct. On the pin in question, there is actually a via right in the middle of the “9” in “PB9” making it look like a 0 or a 3.

The pinout Brett gave is correct:

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time for tented vias or shifting silkscreens :slight_smile:

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@ John and Brett - thanks for responding and clarifying the writing on the board. I will go with this when I make my connections.

@ John - I would also check on the table in the G30 SoC User Manual. It says “PB0 / ADC8”.

@ DarrenUtd - Thanks, I’ll make sure to take a look at it.

One more thing, on the software side now. I have noticed that GHI.Pins.G30HDR.PwmOutput doesn’t match up with my understanding of the hardware pinout. It lists

        //     PWM output definitions.
        public static class PwmOutput
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PA0 = 3;
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PA1 = 4;
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PA10 = 2;
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PA2 = 5;
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PA3 = 6;
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PA8 = 0;
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PA9 = 1;
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PB6 = 11;
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PB7 = 12;
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PB8 = 13;
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PB9 = 14;
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PC6 = 7;
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PC7 = 8;
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PC8 = 9;
            public const Cpu.PWMChannel PC9 = 10;

whereas the list I have compiled from the user manual and schematic is (sorted by ascending pin name to match the code above, differences are shown by a shocked face):

Pin = PWM
PA7 :open_mouth: = PWM1
PA8 :open_mouth: = PWM0 in user manual, PWM3 in schematic
PA9 :open_mouth: = PWM1
PA10 = PWM2
PB0 :open_mouth: = PWM4
PB3 :open_mouth: = PWM8
PB4 :open_mouth: = PWM7
PB5 :open_mouth: = PWM6
PB8 = PWM14
PB9 = PWM15 :o
PC6 = PWM7
PC7 = PWM8
PC8 = PWM9
PC9 = PWM10

@ DarrenUtd - The functions on the schematic are labeled incorrectly. GHI.Pins.G30HDR and the preliminary user manual are correct.

@ John - Okay, thanks. So then the location of the pins is correct in the schematic, but the functions are wrong. And the functions in the user manual are correct, but one of the pin labels is wrong (“PB0” on the left should be “PB9”). Is that correct?

(Note: I just corrected my previous post, as I had a couple of typos myself :slight_smile: )

@ DarrenUtd - I’m not sure I follow. What do you believe is incorrect?

@ John - I was just summarizing what we have figured out so far in this thread.

[ol]As you said above, “The functions on the schematic are labeled incorrectly”.
As I mentioned earlier, on p. 22 of the G30 user manual the label for pin PB9 incorrectly reads “PB0”[/ol]

I’m guessing (you can confirm) that another typo in the user manual is for pin PA10, it should read “COM1 RX” not “COM2 RX”. There is already a “COM2 RX” on pin PA3, and the manual for the STM32F01RE shows PA10 as “USART1_RX, TIM1_CH3, OTG_FS_ID, EVENTOUT”

I’m not trying to be difficult. I’m just trying to avoid errors in my product that will set me back weeks. Also, this should improve the documentation for other customers of yours.

I don’t think anyone thinks you are being difficult.

This is a brand new product and I am sure GHI appreciates all the feedback.

Correct. This feedback is welcome and appreciated.

@ DarrenUtd - I see now. I was looking at the pinout table earlier in the document. You are right that PB0 on page 22 should PB9. You’re also right about COM2 RX needing to be COM1 RX. Thanks for the finds, they’re much appreciated. We should have an improved draft out for the G30 before long.