G30 usb

Good Morning,

I just received a new g30 board. When I plug the board into my computer it does not recognize my board?

Thanks in advance for the help

@ dweaver - What type of G30 based hardware do you have, see following product selector:


What do you see under device manager? Try a different USB port or a different USB cable. You may also need to use a powered hub.

If you have G30 TH then that is expected as you need 3.3V to power the board.

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I had the same problem then I noticed there are 2 micro USB ports
on the board. I plugged into the one marked “USB Debug” and it worked fine.

Hope this helps.

I am getting this message. I may have bricked my board by accidently connecting a 5v source?

See image:

Thanks for any help

can you confirm what device you have? G30 TH?

Yes, thanks for the prompt reply!

Cool. Can you explain what you meant by the “connected 5v source” now please? Yes, that is possible it has caused something to fail, but knowing exactly what you did is more important…

That USB error message often happens when you get a physical short circuit, which could be a dodgy solder joint or similar, but could equally be a fried piece of the circuit. Do you have a multimeter to test voltages when not connected to a PC?

@ Brett -Yes

I connected the PWR and GND to a 5 volt power supply sorry I omited this in my last post trying to do 3 things at once. :slight_smile:

Yes to Multimeter? Great.
But can you tell us what you did with 5v? That’s the kicker… If you just connected 5v to the 3v3 pad, chances are your device is history.

Thanks, looks like I fried it.

your reply and mine came in minutes apart, you hadn’t posted it when I posted my last one.

OK, so if you powered the device with 5v instead of 3v3, then you have possibly killed it irreparably. The processor is rated to an absolute maximum of 4.0v on input pins.

Wait, are you saying that connecting a standard micro usb cable to the device and a 5V PC usb port will fry it?

I connected a usb cable and a Netduino to the power and ground the Netduino has 3 v and 5 v connections I inadvertantly used the 5 v pin.

You connected 5V to the 5V-Pin, didn’t you? That pin (on the TH-Board) is just the power-outlet, so you easily can connect the 5V from the USB to your breadboard or something), the 5V are just connected to that pin. You need an external powersupply (LM317 for example) that powers the 3.3V-Pins to get it working. I don’t know why there isn’t one onboard?!