G30 TH Module: I can not update it to the latest firmware version

Dear Customer Service,

I have a G30TH module, and I cannot update it to the latest firmware with the FEZ Config.
I have used EMX Development board, Fez Cerberus, Fez Raptor but have never used this before.

I have read the power supply requirements of the G30TH, and I don’t know what I did wrong.

Forgive me if I do not write something correctly.

When I push the “check device for update” button, it respond, but the boot loader don’t respond.
It writes 30 is connected before the update.
The communication port is missing before the update.
This is the error message.

Please help me, because I have no idea what should be the problem.

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Did you apply 3.3V to your TH module properly? What do you see under the device manager?

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Hi Gus,

Thank you for your response.

I think yes, i applied 3v3 on my G30TH module.
I added an image of the wiring diagram. I know, it is not professional, but i didn’t find professional wiring software. (g30thwiring2.png)
I attached a picture of the G30TH (WP_20160919_21_47_57_Pro.jpg). Both LED lights.
The Power Supply is the UC Battery 4xAA Module.

I don’t see the bootloader interface, or the USB serial port device in my device manager.
Should I install something more?

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if the device correctly starts, you’ll see a device in device manager. If you can’t see anything new appear in Device Manager that likely means that the USB connection isn’t taking effect when you’re powering the device, in my opinion. I’d suggest you should try powering the device without the USB connected and you’ll see the same LEDs; take a battery out, connect the USB, turn on sounds so you’ll hear if the device connects, and then connect the battery again. Then you should be able to hear Windows register the USB device connected noise - let us know what you hear. Fundamentally, you can’t deploy code (or a firmware update) until you get it visible in Device Manager.

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@ Gus -
Hi Gus and Brett,

I checked the power, and i have done Brett’s advice.

The windows see the G30 as a device. You can see on the g30thp5.PNG, at the bottom of the picture.

But the problem is same. I can not update the G30TH module and i can not deploy it.
I attached again the screenshots of the update. (g30thp1.png, g30thp2.png, g30thp3.png, g30thp4.png).
You can see that the Fez Config can communicate with the device. It responds the firmware version, but doesn’t respond the boot loader version. I have never used this board before but i think it should respond the boot loader version also.
The Fez Config writes G30_G30 is connected.
The error message is: Make sure the driver for the boot loader interface is installed…

There is a comment on the window: “Press or hold LOW: LDR0 and LDR1”, “reset the device”, “release or set HIGH: LDR0 and LDR1”.
Should I do this? But I don’t know which are the LDR0 and LDR1 pins.

Please help…

@ equitis - Hi, you can see the pins in the schematic of the G30 TH or the Lemur Mainboard;

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The answer to this question is yes, you’re instructed to do this, so yes you must do that. @ RoSchmi’s pointer will help you know what pins to use.

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@ equitis -

It won’t show Bootloader version in that screen.

All you need now is, connect only PA15 to GND and hit reset the board. GHI Bootloader will be shown up under DM.
If you are using Win10, make sure that MFDeploy or FEZ config are closed before hit reset button.
After that, open FEZ Config, remember select the correct com port. That is all.

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Hi Guys,

The problem is solved.

  1. Start the fez config
  2. Click to the “firmware update” button
  3. Wait, and click to the “next” button
  4. Set the LDR0 and LDR1 to low.
  5. Reset the G30TH with the setting of the reset pin to low
  6. Set the LDR0 and LDR1 to high.
  7. Select com3 serial port in the fez config
  8. Click next and wait for the finish of the update.

Thanks to everybody for the help.