G30 - Only 20 kb for development?

Hello Gents,
I am using G30 with tinyclr.core 0.3 which together with tinyclr.devices takes 110 kb. Is it possible to gain somehow more space for development ?
I am not using all functionality from tinyclr.devices so it is possible to have more than 20 kb on own code by turning off or disabling somehow parts or library or sth like that ??

In the future yes, but now you are using a very early preview release.

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I really like your solution, so probably I will buy g80 to have more space.

Choosing stm was a very good step, it is probably one of the most popular chip in europe.

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just remember, it’s a G80, not an STM32F4xxx. You can’t make an STM32F4xxx into a G80.

@ Brett - can you explain what you mean by this? Isn’t the G80 a STM32F427VG? I’m looking at the G80 for some future projects and better understand the limitations before I start down that path.

Thanks - Gene

If you buy a G80 from GHI or Mouser etc, it’s a G80. If you buy a STM32F4xxx from anywhere (including Mouser etc), it’s not a G80. There are GHI aspects in a G80 you can only get by buying a G80.

Got it. Thanks.