G30 Module

Ok maybe this has been answered before but why is the G30 SoC more expensive than the G30 TH module? That seems backwards to conventional logic.You have to buy 100+ G30 SoC to get below the price of the TH module… which has the G30 SoC and a bunch of other stuff on a PCB. :slight_smile:

Both products are extremely cheap, no matter which one cost a dollar more :slight_smile:

Still, we need to investigate this

Well it would be nice if the G30 SoC were to drop in price instead of something going up, but I understand if economics don’t fit the model. :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if it is possible to get some empty G30TH-PCBs? I have three lonely G30s lying around, that weren’t used, because I decided to use a G120 with Wifi instead. I’d like to do something useful like putting them on breadboards or something :blush:.

Search the web for lqfp breakout. This maybe a good option.

While it’s not populated, I’ve used this company before for breakout boards. I actually have one of theirs sitting on my bench right now running a long term test of an LTC2495 chip.


You can order them already populated with a digikey part #, they’ll do the soldering and assembly for you. However, I hand tinned my own and reflowed with a reflow station since I already had the IC’s I was going to mount here.

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which is the perfect number for a one-off OSHPark PCB order. The Schematic isn’t very complex so I suspect an hour or so in a PCB program would turn that into a decent board. That is, if you didn’t want to look at the other simple breakout options.

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Speaking of breakouts, what’s the deal with the two crystal symbols here on the G30 TH schematic?

Q1A and Q1B

Doesn’t it need a single 12mhz crystal resonator? If there’s two there what’s the value on Q1A?

And Q1 = ?? 32k?

I’d say Q1A and Q1B are the same crystals with two different footprints, so a wider variety of crystals can be used, depending on availability and prices on the market.
The 32k-Crystal Q1 is the one for the RTC.
The value of C6-C9 depend on the crystal you use (mostly twice the loading-capacity of your crystal).

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