G30 Eagle File Model?

Anyone have a G30 model I can use? Would prefer not to have to make one.

thats a standard LQFP64 chip from ST, nothing special
you could consult the usual suspect chip manufacturers like nxp stm and so on

It only took about an hour to make one in Eagle, when I did it. G80 took a little bit longer.

It’s good practice, man. Need to get Eagle’s library stuff mastered so you can make more intricate stuff. G30 is a good one to start with!

Here’s the one I made. It mirrors GHI’s schematics for G30 dev board.

I don’t have time to separate it out from the library and make a standalone version this week, I’m overloaded. But you could use this as a reference if you want to do your own; it’s not overly tough.

Just add the PLQF64 package from Eagle after you do your schematic and hook up the pins…