G30 dev board

does netmf 4.3 support the on board Ethernet in the G30 dev board (rev 1.0)?
and if so is there any sample code?

Short answer is No and No.

Fr the G30 SoC Datasheet

[quote]7.14 Networking
7.14.1 Ethernet
There is no internal support for Ethernet. However, any Ethernet module with a built-in TCP/IP stack can be used. [/quote]

It looks like the G30 Dev Board has a W5500 for networking support. You can always write your own managed driver to support it.

G30 doesn’t have networking but it can work with W5500 chip which handles the networking for you through commands sent from G30 over SPI.
There are multiple old drivers for the older W5100 so those can be a good starting point.

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