G30 act as USB host?


I am working on a G30 project. Some requirements have been introduced and I now need my G30 to act as a USB Host.

I looked back at the specs and saw this:

Quite unfortunate is myinitial reaction, but it also says no Webcam and no Hub… so what does this mean? Can I still use the USB Host namespace and Controller class to communicate with a single HID that is not a webcam? No luck so far on any event from the Controller class triggering.

Let’s say I can’t use the Controller class and USB Host. Then I’m going to need to implement the USB specification myself? I beleive I can do this but ofcourse wouldn’t want to unless I had to.


I think that is an error, G80 has host not G30.

But, what are you trying to connect and what to accomplish?

Thank you for your reply. The other device is only known to me as an HID and the manufacturer clearly states my device must be configured as host and the other device as client.

I believe what I need is a special cable that will allow the G30 to appear as a host to the other device.

This is also a bit unsure because the G30 is labeled “Debugging” next to USB Client.

What I need to be able to do is send and receive HID Feature Reports.

This will be challenging add you are reverse engineering a device. But HID is not usually fast so it should be okay. I would start with a USB analyzer to understand the traffic.