G1230HDR - Loading firmware

I think I made a boo boo with my ordering. Picked up a couple of the G120HDR modules and few other things and it dawned on me that there is no USB on the HDR module to allow me to attach it and load the firmware…I assume i was supposed to also order a USB Client SP Module or USB Client DP Module?

Shipping cost to Australia will be more than the items =(

An USB module (DP or SP) will be the easiest option, however the G120HDR is a professional level board, you can easily add 3v power from a bench or other power supply, for usb you can add any break out board or even cut off a spare USB cable, crimp some wire headers. I dont know if the USB resistors are onboard, else you may need to add them.

**If you need to add a DP module to the order try to contact GHI directly.

Ross, where are you? I haven’t ordered my G120HDR yet but I could possibly add a DP or SP module if you want (I might have a loaner too if that helps). I’m in Sydney.

Ross – has you order shipped yet? Mine still shows as Pending.

Maybe they can add it in before it goes out.

Thanks all - I’ve just checked and my order has shipped - which is a good and bad thing!

@ Brett thanks - I think I’m making my own proto board for power anyway - so might just add a USB port to it at the same time - a good way to learn something!

Should just be able to follow the scehmatic here right?

USB traces are really critical on matching impedance so while you can just do what you’re proposing, you may need to get really particular with how you do it :slight_smile:

For 480mhz typically found on PCs yes but these devices ate only 12mhz. You should be fine with any wiring.