G120TH GXP Pin Reference

Hi Guys,

Does anybody know where I can find a pin out reference for the GXP connector on the G120TH module?

I searched the forum and found a post about the “NEW GXP Standard” which linked to this document:


but it looks like it is no longer available. :frowning:


The schematic should have all the pinout information you need

Thanks John,

Id been looking at that but I thought the spec might have included some extra explanatory information.

I’m trying to wire up an Adafruit 40-pin TFT Friend breakout to the GXP header and this is what I’ve come up with so far:

Do you know if

  1. GXP LCD.Enable is the same as Data Enabled
  2. Is ON/OFF just supposed to be connected to any GPIO pin?



LCD.Enable is DE.
If ON/OFF is a simple switch, any extra GPIO should be fine.