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G120HDR Rev2 and a new 4.2 SDK package


G120HDR has been popular since the day it was announced. Thanks to the great feedback, we have upgraded G120HDR while keeping backward compatibility.

The new Rev2 improvements:
[ul]Built in 32.768Khz crystal for RTC
Buttons for LDR1 and LDR2
User LED
One of the user sockets is replaced with SPI socket, allowing for easier use of networking modules, Ethernet ENC28 and WiFi RS21 modules. There is still one free user socket. Other sockets can be added using the $1 Breakout Module.
CE, FCC qualification testing[/ul]

G120HDR Rev2:

On the software side, a new 4.2 SDK package is now available for download on our support page. This new SDK includes some major improvements and it adds in-field update feature to premium NETMF offers.

The SDK package is always located at:
Release notes and up-to-date known issues:


Is there any difference between the ‘’ and the new package?
I saw the FW version is the same, but any other differences?


@ Reinhard Ostermeier - exactly the same


Looks good! Can I exchange my v1 for v2? :wink:


The CE and FCC are on the HDR, did the G120 undergo qualification on its own ?


Yep each one has its own




I bought revision 1, today. :frowning:


From us? We haven’t had rev 1 online for few days!


@ Gus - Not from you. From distributor in Czech Republic.


Where can I buy the G120HDR Module Rev. 2, best in Germany ?
Watterott and Mouser don’t have it in stock.


They all should have it very soon. Please contact them


Yes, a quick mail to Watterot helps. I did it once, and I got a verry nice and quick answer.


I can confirm that. Watterot just shipped me a FEZ Cobra II, even though it still does not show up on their webstore.


Is there a schematic of the V2.0 version of the G120HDR Available?


The schematic is not open but why do you need it?


V2 has a user led, correct? Which I/O pin is this on? I see the module pinout in the brochure for V1 but no LED connection.



Will reply to your other thread with pin number


I just noticed it is not your thread :slight_smile:


hugely frustating. the third item in your ‘its always located here’ for the sdk isn’t a link, nor is there a link on that page for a GHI sdk.

i’m finally getting around to plugging in my panda 1.2 for the first time and its becoming more and more obvious why arduinos are still the leader for all things DIY development.