G120HDR Rev 2 SPI and User Port Signals?

I need to connect either a WiFi, BT or GPRS module to one SPI port and use a micro-SD card module on another (extended 4 bit CMD bus) SPI port.
What signals are wired to the connectors labeled “SPI” and “User” on the G120HDR Rev 2 boards?


There was a similar discussion very recently. Check this thread:


@ farangutan

The information has been added to the wiki regarding the SPI socket. The information can be found here at the end of this section: http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=G120HDR_Developer#Gadgeteer_note

As for the User socket, those pins are not connected to any specific pin out except the power and ground pins. You can solder any jumper wire from any pin to match the configuration that you need.

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Architect & Aron, thanks for the answers.

I will need to connect wires to the G120HDR rev 2 board using 0.1" pins or add sockets to
get the functionality that my app requires. All the signals are there, I just need to connect them.

Since 2 to 4 inches of wire will be needed between add on modules and the G120 board,
I’m concerned about the integrity of the SPI clock signal (in particular). Given the LPC1788’s
90 nm manufacturing process, the rise and fall times of I/O might be very fast (< 2ns).

Are there are series termination resistors on the G120HDR rev 2 board for those outputs that
can be made to function as SPI clock outputs? There may be other SI issues but the SPI clocks
are worrisome.

Thanks again for the help,