G120HDR reboots

I have updated my G120HDR to latest firmware with the updater, deployed my app and started to debug.

After 80 seconds the debug hangs when stepping in the code, this freeze is released with a reboot from the G120 (I hear sound of USB is unplugged).
Then the G120 reconnects over USB but it impossible to deploy again because the G120 is rebooting every 80 second.

The only way to get VS2010 connected to G120 is to do an firmware update.

Any idea what could cause this behaviour??

In my code I load an internal resource file and load it to a Stream.

Sounds like your code is going into a tight loop, which makes it difficult for the debugger to attach to your running program.
This could also be caused by your program throwing an unhandled exception.

Without seeing code displaying the problem, it is difficult to determine what is happening.

Its just happens when I am stepping so there is no iteration causing it to crash.

What did you step over or in to when this happens. That seems to be a good clue.

I am stepping in to a singleton propertie to a method that has a Stream object as parameter.

I will take a closer look at the singleton…

Thanks Mike for putting me at the right path, I hade an custom made timer class with addresses to TIMER3 which was wrong for the LPC17XX…

Now its running :slight_smile: