G120HDR feature availability


I’m going to buy some G120HDR to evaluate if they are good to replace Panda II in a company’s project, we need 2xCAN, ethernet and some kind of mass storage (we prefer SD card).

On your wiki CAN is listed as “Done (Beta) (available in next Firmware release)”, when will it be available?
Will it be event-driven (I’ve read somewhere that Cerbuino Bee library doesn’t provide canDataReceivedEvent)?

May I use the Ethernet ENC28 Module to have ethernet support? Can I simply plug it to one of the 2 user gadgeteer socket (or do I have to use one Extender Module)?

May I use the USB Client SP Module instead of the more expensive USB Client DP Module to deploy software?

Will the Micro SD Card Module be compatible?

Sorry for the lot of questions, but I’m pretty new to Gadgeteer development and I can’t waste money :stuck_out_tongue:

The “next” firmware was out last week but wiki page was not updated. Take a look now please GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

Everything should be complete by the end of the month.

Thank you so much for the quick reply!

What about TE53 touch support?

Yes, everything.

Wow, great job!

Are you planning to release G120(HDR) schematics as Eagle files?

No schematics, no eagle files, sorry.

Some days ago my boss come into your Troy headquarter but can’t talk with no one. We’re looking to buy some G120 for testing then we will need lots of them.
We’re based in Europe and here seems that G120 is quite hard to obtain in a reasonable time (we have to wait for 3-4 weeks).

Is it possible to get some G120 directly from GHI? We’re going to start prototyping soon and we need to get ready for the first lot of production in a couple of months.

Last but not least: can you provide automotive grade certification for the G120?

Could you provide a more direct way to communicate about some private aspects of our project?

Thank you

I personally had a 2 hour chat with your boss yesterday. GHI is in the middle of a move so we are between old and new building.

Please talk to him. I think I have answered most of your questions.