G120HDR Ethernet


what is the supported way to connect the G120HDR to the Internet? Does it support the ENC28 Gadgeteer Ethernet Module. How does the current firmware support ethernet?




Since it’s got a similar network listing on the product page as the Spider/EMX, my guess is that the J11D modules is the one that will work with the G120.

The built-in ethernet controller is not used on the G120, some of the ethernet pins are even used for SD card (figured that out yesterday by checking the LPC datasheet versus the G120 pinout). AFAIK you’ll need the ENC28 module to get ethernet.

Thanks for the information.

Why would they put this on the catalog then for the G120?
“Full TCP/IP with Ethernet, WiFi or PPP (cellular) support”


Does that just mean it has libraries to support the networking, as it’s a Premium offering?

Seems we need the ENC28 Module, but on which port to connect it and how to initialize it by code?

It is really less documentation available for such basic features…

Yes, G120 implements Ethernet via the ENC28J60 solution: http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=8433

I haven’t seen any information on how one might connect the Gadgeteer ENC28J60 module to the G120HDR, however.

The HDR board isn’t a Gadgeteer board. It has some sockets for power and to provide a place to plug in modules. But those sockets aren’t wired up - which is why you don’t see the Gadgeteer labels.

To use a module, you’d need to physically connect (wire & solder for example) the pins on the PCB to the sockets. Alternatively you could connect the needed header pins to a breadboard and then use an Extender, MakeBread MakeWire module (Home - GHI Electronics)

If you’re looking for plug & play functionality, you would need to wait for a Gadgeteer board (like a Spider or a Cerbuino hybrid).

Thanks for the link and info. So SPI is the way to go for both Ethernet & WiFi.

I’ve ordered my board … but it will be while before I’ll be able to work with it.

OK, I understand that there might be no plug and play, but still hoping there is a simple solution to use the ENC28 Ethernet module. Also when I connect I2C pins to the Ethernet module (hope there are some pin out docs somewhere). How do I initialize Ethernet in code? Any suggestions?

Look for Cerberus or Hydra networking examples. The G120 will be very similar.

All will be clear when the G120HDR ships and GHI releases the premium SDK for the it.

I ask this details becasue I want to know what hardware components to order, when I need Ethernet. According to the answers here I should be able to connect to the internet with the ENC28 Ethernet module and the SDK Premium library???

Yes, that’s it, unless Gus tells you the oposite :wink:

In detail: the G120 is missing a MAC to PHY interface (like the SMSC LAN8710A: http://www.smsc.com/index.php?tid=149&pid=59&cid=&tab=3 ) so the easiest way out will be the ENC28 module over SPI.


You need enc28 module correct. Or wifi :slight_smile:

Added networking section to wiki http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=G120HDR_Developer#Networking

Thanks for adding this section.

But one thing is still not clear:

Can I connect the Ethernet ENC28 Module directly to one of the user sockets or do I need custom wiring (e.g. with extender: connect I2C pins to the extender and then connect the ENC28 module into the gadgeteer socket of the extender)? Or is the Extender necessary for something else ?

The way I understand it is like this:

Option 1: Use extender (or similar module from ransomhall) socket - wire needed pins from extender to associated CPU headers on G120HDR (so the G120’s sockets are not used at all)

Option 2: Use G120HDR socket - wire needed pins from CPU headers to Socket headers (the double row of 5 pins on one end of the board), and then use that socket.

Thanks for the response. Does that mean the two user sockets on the G120HDR board are not wired/connected by default?

Correct. They are just breakouts for you to do what you want with them.