G120HDR, does it support DPWS and OutputCompare

I’m planning on using this module to have a remote controller (hence the outputcompare) emulator hooked into my Windows network using DPWS. I have tried other devices, but DPWS seems to be an issue with many. My question is, is DPWS supported fully on the G120HDR?



DPWS is a feature rarely used on netmf so it is difficult to determine how stable it is. This is the core, not a specific device.

That said, G120 dies support DPWS and has all premium features including SignalGenerator (output compare)

Thanks for answering Gus! So what other approaches are commonly used to provide remote control of these kind of devices through the network? It seems overly cumbersome to implement my own http server and setting up something REST based when netmf has done more with DPWS OOB, or am I assuming the wrong things?

A WCF service on the device itself you mean? Any examples? My search for DPWS comes from a broader questions as to discoverability and soforth, but having WCF on the device would be a good starting point (which I guess I must have missed)

@ Gus -

I’ve been trying DPWS on the Chipworkx on v4.1 with many differents methods, and never had problems with them !

…Which is not the case of MFSVCUTIL that often crash on generating the needed classes !

That is why i finally use a first very simple and not crashing generated template and add my methods manually…

No more problem on DPWS, and very useful !

That is excellent. To be clear, I didn’t mean DPWS is bad but least used as far as I know. Which in my opinion could mean possible hidden bugs, maybe none but possible.

@ LouisCpro - Have you implemented DPWS events, and event subscriptions? If so, an example on code share would be very much appreciated!

@ andre.marschalek - correct, least used because it is somewhat hidden feature and not enough tutorials cover it. Not because of known issue, which there aren’t any known.

@ jasdev -

Did not need to use them. In my use case, the device ask the server if it has information to get (config changes and so on…), and apply if answer is yes…Simplier is better…

Ok, thanks. Once the UDP bug is fixed, I’ll try to implement events myself, and post some code if I get it to work.

Found back 2 intersting links to introduce DPWS and that also say some things about subscription…


@ Gus -

You’re right, and I personally think that DPWS should become the art of IoT expansion !

@ LouisCpro - Thank you. I’ve read these these two links before. The first one seems the most useful. I am eager to try this, and I was dissapointed when the sample didn’t work on my Cobra 1 with 4.2. Hopefully the UDP bug fix will fix this issue as well.

Yes, I hope the release is coming soon !