G120HDR connecting to CP7

Hi, I will connect the CP7 display to the G120HDR, so Red/Green/Blue is obvious how to connect, but the I Socket is a little bit confusing.

In the schematics i see the SDA and SCL, ok they get to P0.27 and P0.28, but whats with the INT and RST pins? Are they importent? I think they are not connected at the display?

Further, when all is working, is there some code to Initialize the touchscreen? I do not use gadgeteer, only normal netmf.

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Not sure about RST, but INT is a must — it signals the MCU that the screen was pressed. Anyway, I suggest you looking at CobraII schematics http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/schematic/FEZ_Cobra_II_SCH.pdf and wiring the I socket in exactly the same way.

About the touch, take a look here, where I’ve commented a very similar issue:


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Perfect, thx