G120HDR and USB Client DP module Error

I begin with a G120HDR board and an USB Client DP module.
I supply the board with external supply .
I use VS2010, MF4.2.
I have updated my G120HDR without problem with firmware with the USB Client DP module.
I have create a Gadgeteer project, select G120HDR board and USB Client DP module.

My code is only : Debug.Print(“Program Started”);

When I launch the debug I have an error during initialization :

[quote]Une exception non gérée du type ‘Gadgeteer.Socket.PinMissingException’ s’est produite dans Gadgeteer.dll

Informations supplémentaires :
Pin 3 on socket 5 is not connected to a valid CPU pin.[/quote]

Somebody can help me.

Where did you find G120HDR board? It is definitely not in my list.

Check out https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/codeshare/entry/755

I have resolve my problem.

In the designer it is necessary to disconnect the USB DP Module. After this action when I launch the debugger all run correctly : No warning, no error message.