G120HDR and a few Modules

Much neater than the wire spaghetti on v1 :slight_smile:

That’s damn awesome, that’s what it is.

@ Justin -

Is this a Led Roller on the right ?

@ LouisCpro - yup,

When the PIR fires a random 30sec MP3 and txt file with animation data is loaded.
MP3 plays and there is 5m of addressable LED’s doing some animations .

@ Justin - Super funny !

Did you have the idea to make such and arrangment between the mp3 rythm and the lightning ?

It should be very …DISCO :dance:

@ LouisCpro - Not me, it’s for a client. but i will be doing a 14 Channel Audio Spectrum thingie with 140 addressable LEDS for a giggle shortly.

@ Justin - Let su see that :wink:

Here’s the module…now i just need to find 10mins :wink: