G120E System on Module Eagle PCB Library

Hi all,

I’ve just received a collection of G120’s, FEZ Cobra III and the G120E Dev board to play around with and I’m looking at starting to design with these. Is there already an Eagle library available for the G120 SoM, G120E SoM and the G400 SoM?


The footprint is in https://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/man/G120_and_G120E_Datasheet.pdf

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone mention they had a library with that.

Just copy it from one of the open designs.

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Thanks Brett, I’ll make a start on my own. Once I’ve got some together I’ll post them for others to use.

I’ve created an Eagle PCB Library with the G120 and G120E SoM devices. Download it from: [url]http://www.pchilton.co.uk/2016/01/12/ghi-electronics-netmf-module-eagle-pcb-library/[/url]