G120E - Networking

Regarding the E I had some questions I couldn’t find answers to:

  • Does the E support IPV6?
  • Does the SSL support include 128 Bit or just the lame 64 bit?
  • Does having to manage the TCP/IP connections cause the core processor to slowdown noticeably or does the processor have some sort of acceleration functions?
  • How do we calculate how much memory overhead would be required on a per socket basis?

Is this for NETMF?

NETMF now TinyClr in the future. Currently, I only need answers for NETMF.

NETMF does not support ipv6 and your question about memory/socket relation does not make much sense as it depends on what work you do per sockets
i dont think the used CPU has crypto acceleration

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As Kevin said, IPv6 is not supported and the memory used per socket depends on exactly what you’re doing on top of the various buffers involved. For details on what SSL sizes are supported, you should check with the OpenSSL version that is in NETMF 4.3. Using built in Ethernet, some of the networking functionality is handled by the processor. But most is done by the lwip stack in NETMF. Generally your best bet is to measure and test NETMF in your environment.

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estimated 1.0.0 from 2010

Is IPv6 support something that is on the tinyclr roadmap at all? I know I asked about NETMF but looking to the future; I am hoping that it does.

We want to and we will discuss this in the near future.

Good question, never knew about it! Will see what our more experimented people will say about it! i’m currently finding it hard to concentrate because of some pills i’ve taken. gotta search for drug reviews to check it out. anyhow. thanks for this!

do you think it would make sense to extend your question “TinyCLR OS in the future and IPv6 support” to QUIC and TLS 1.3 ?
not uninteresting with longevity in mind…
the good thing is G120 is “fast enough” (of course it depends on how long you want to wait…) for TLS encryption or GHI adds a crypto acceleration MCP to the boards :grinning: