G120e jtag


I’m buying a FEZ Spider II and start some personal projects with NETMF and libraries provided by GHI. That’s fine, all set. But I also have some older projects running on a custom board with LPC1768 (and some are running low on SRAM), so I thought convenient if I could re-flash the G120E’s LPC1788 with a custom firmware to make some tests.

I looked into the G120E’s datasheet but there is no schematic to check this, but in the FEZ Spider II’s schematic I see the JTAG signals going to the connector Z. Is this right? Can I use these signals to connect them to my JTAG programmer?

Thanks in advance,

@ manonline - JTAG is not available by default. It is only an option upon request and approval. Please contact us directly if this is required in your application.