G120and SD card


i’m developing datalogger and i want to use G120 module. But i found that firmware does not support the SD card.

It is posible to use this module for working with SD card?
Will be the SD card supported by newer version of firmware and when?

Thanks a lot for reply.

SD will be supported in couple weeks. You can use USB memory stick if you want for now.

Any news about a release date ?


@ LouisCpro - Already works.

Any tutorial on how to connect the board ?

@ LouisCpro - My HDR is at home so i cant take a picture until later tonight but all i did was solder pin headers to all the pins then jumpers from the user sockets to the appropriate headers.

Have a look at the Cobra II board schematics (downloadable in GHI online catalog).
There you see exactly how it is connected.

G120 pins from the G120HDR website: Home - GHI Electronics
and this: Secure Digital (SD) card pinout diagram @ pinoutguide.com
should be enough to wire it up. You also need GND and 3.3V, of course

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@ LouisCpro

As Justin said, soldering wires from the breakout header pads to the user socket pads is all that needs to be done. Here is the G120 brochure that describes the pin layout: http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/G120/G120%20Module%20Brochure.pdf

Here is the Gadgeteer Standard wiki chart: GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software
The Gadgeteer SD socket (F) is laid out as follows:
Pin 1: +3.3V
Pin 2: +5V
Pin 3: GPIO!
Pin 4: DAT0 - P1.6
Pin 5: DAT1 - P1.7
Pin 6: CMD - P1.3
Pin 7: DAT2 - P1.11
Pin 8: DAT3 - P1.12
Pin 9: CLK - P1.2
Pin 10: GND

Hope this helps.

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@ Lurch

lol, Beat me to it. :smiley:

Aron, Lurch,

Thansk to both !

One question more…

In the SD schematic, there is a SD_CD Pin, on the link table provided by ARON, it is mentioned as GPIO!, and on Lurch one, no matter of it…

So, is there a special consideration on that point ? Do I need to map the P3/GPIO!, and if yes on which Pin of the G120 to comply the Premium Lib ?

SD_CD is the card detection pin. It is not technically necessary to operate the SD card. It is only there if you want the software to be able to detect whether a card is present or not. If you do connect it, make sure it is a pin from the 0 or 2 ports as those are the only Interrupt pins available.

@ Aron -

So it means this is used by the Insert and Eject Eventing ?

Can be useful in this case !

@ LouisCpro

The SD CD pin is used by the Gadgeteer Insert and Eject Events.

@ Aron -

OK, so if I understand well, if I need to work around insert/eject events, I put SD_CD on an Interrupt capable input, and implement the trigger event on this input to manage myself the event.

Fine !