G120 WiFi Interface

Hi all,

I’m currently using G120’s with RS-9110-N-11-2204’s from Redpine Signals (http://www.redpinesignals.com/Modules/Internet_of_Things/Connection_Family/RS-9110-N-11-22.php) to create a WiFI enabled microcontroler which can be programmed in C#.NET.

Unfortunately, the Redpine boards have just been flagged as “not suitable for new designs” on mousers website which is concerning as I need something I can use in designs going forward.

I’ve been looking into the RS9113-N00-S0C boards which seem to be the replacement for the older design. However since the product is new, it seems not many people have been able to get their hands on one to play with. Plus their seems to be little documentation on the unit that I can find.


So my question is has anyone got any experience with these WiFi interfaces and how they work with the GHI G120 or can anyone suggest another WiFi interface solution for the G120?

Look forwarded to hearing the replies.


@ JLillystoneLabman - ESP8266?

Maybe something like this (as suggested by @ Mr. John Smith) - https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/creations/entry/34


@ JLillystoneLabman - The answer we received from RedPine indicates the module is still in production. Please contact them directly if you need further details.

Actually I think the ESP8266 has a PPP based firmware that could allow the G120 to have native sockets connection. Just saying.


We also contacted them about this and this is the answer we had:

I am doing a new project with WiFi module on G400D. If I use RS9113 to replace RS9110, may I still use WIFIRS9110 object in C# coding in VS2013? Both RS9110 and RS9113 are using SPI interface working with G400D, is RS9113 is compactible with RS9110 in software coding?

If you’re using NETMF, then no you need to use the old Redpine module as that is what GHI have developed the firmware for. If you’re willing to do it yourself then you could take on that task (but it would be substantial if even remotely reasonable)

Brett is correct. Unless the new module is 100% compatible, which is probably not.